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All frequently asked questions concerning streaming


About us

- Low priced streaming

- Clear pricing

- No download time, just click and play

- Team of programmers available

- Support services

- Reseller program

- Available by phone

- Fixed price per month

- We develop our own streampanels

- API modules (Json

- Xml) available, also through SSL protocol

- Cluster stream available for large volumes

- We make use of the latest technology and possibilities.

- SSL stream

- IP camera stream solutions

- We deliver set-top boxes and can develop your own corporate identity in these.

- We develop a lot of options in the Embed players

- Pre-roll with your stream

About our service

- Because streaming is our core business, we have extensive experience and we understand what our customers want and expect.

- We advise and offer support in your projects / live webcasts.

- You can count on us, we are ready to serve you.

- Streampartner has a reseller program,contact us and ask about the options available.

- We offer all of our customers support with setting up the encoders (both hardware and software).

- During an event one of our senior engineers can provide personal support ( ask about the options).

- You can always reach our support team via e-mail, and we are also available by phone during office hours, unless otherwise agreed.

About streaming

Streaming Media is the term used for making audio and video available on your website. There are different forms of streaming. Broadcasting a large event live on your website is called streaming ( Live Stream). Watching a program later on through the website is also streaming ( On-demand Stream).

We offer Live streams and On-demand streams in the following formats: Livestream: WMV, ASF, WMA, MP3 (.mp3), H.264, HLS, Live Adaptive Flash, HLS or Silverlight Ondemand: WMV, ASF, WMA, MP3 (.mp3), FLV (Flash Video - .flv), MP4 (QuickTime container - .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4v, .mp4a, .3gp, and .3g2)

- All Livestream accounts have unlimited data transport, there is an upstream limit of 2000kbps. If you want a higher upstream then this available for an extra fee.

- All on-demand accounts are offered with packages of data transport and disc space of your own choosing.

After logging in you will be on your own streampanel page, where you can easily and quickly manage your stream. Here is an overview of the most used options:

- Executing Upgrades

- An overview of your Real-time statistics

- Configuring Embed players in your own corporate identity

- Api's scripts

- Playlists

- Pre-rolls

- Recording tools

- Set-op box management

- SSL connections

- Social media connections

- Extensive FAQ for users

- Coming soon: Whitelabel stream accounts

- Much, much more

- A stream is used to make an event accessible for a large or small group of people, or for a private group. In this way others can experience the event from their own location. Livestream is often used for conferences, meetings, concerts, seminars, teaching sessions, security ( surveillance), festivals, radio, TV stations, church services, etc.

- Many other competitors offer a progressive download stream, which means that when you open it you must first wait before the stream can be played. However, we offer our streams through streamservers in our streampark. You no longer have to wait until the film has been loaded. Just click and play!

Technical stuff

- You can use a H.264 account to stream with a Wirecast or Flash Media live encoder, these are software encoders which can be installed on a PC or laptop.

- You can also choose a hardware encoder such as Haivision Makito / Barracuda, Viewcast or miniCASTER, these are used for professional streaming.

- You can use Wirecast or Windows Media encoder for streaming a Windows account

- You can use a SAM Broadcaster or a WinAmp (Icecast) encoder to stream an Audio account.

- It is very important that you upstream through a stable internet connection. Do a speed test first to determine your upstream capacity. In order to prevent buffering, you need to keep in mind that the upstream should not be higher than what your internet connection can handle.

- Flash, Silverlight, Windows Media Player and 3G(HTML5). Offices, schools and homes mostly use Flash and Silverlight. In order to achieve a maximum availability we advise you to offer your content in H.264 and WMV via Flash and Silverlight.

- External connections are often blocked in a company network. This prevents you from connecting to the push servers. You would need to contact your IT manager for your network and ask him to open the TCP portal 1935 or 80.

We have an extensive FAQ for our customers in the streampanel. All your questions concerning connections, synchronisation, installing encoder software, implementation of embed players in CMS, Api tools and more are answered here.